Saturday Brunch


All day veggie grill. Poached eggs, Sourdough 12.50

Charred asparagus, poached egg, tarragon crème fraiche 8.5

300g Black angus rump cap,,Steak, fried egg and chips. 18.5

Fried chicken, avo on sourdough. 8

Grilled Cornish mackerel, poached egg, sourdough. 8.5

Pork belly hash, crispy fried egg, jalapeno relish. 7.5

Fried black bean hash, crispy fried egg, jalapeno relish. 7-8

Grilled mature cheddar, field mush on sourdough w/ fried egg 6-7


Classics on sourdough

Royal. 9

Benedict. 7.5

Florentine. 7




Oreo and rolo sundae. 6

Sticky date pudding, salt caramel, honeycombe ice cream. 5.5

Hazelnut brownie, dark chocolate ice cream. 5.5

G&T sorbet, strawberries. 5.5